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If you feel like it’s a struggle getting your kids into the car every morning to take them to school, you’re probably not alone. A recent study conducted by SeatUK found that the average parent spends 96 hours a year trying to get their kid in the car.

The survey also found that 1/3rd of parents have been late to work because of their children’s… ahem… slower effort when it comes to departure times.

As parents ourselves, there is no questioning how much things have slowed down since having kids. As families who used to pride ourselves on being on-time or even early to everything, it has shocked us how much this has changed since our first kids were born.

Now it’s a dance of allowing our children to be independent in their own adventure down the front stairs, packing enough to make sure any meltdowns can be managed through snacks or a special toy, and ensuring potty breaks have been complete before strapping into a car seat.