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Best Websites to Find a Babysitter Online Tonight

Online Sitting Service National Coverage Background Check Subscription Plan Find a Sitter Now
Yes Yes $39.99/mo Try SitterCity
Yes Yes $39.99/mo Try UrbanSitter
Yes Optional $39.99/mo Try
No but Growing! No $39.99/mo Try SeekingSitters

As much as parents love their children, they also love a little time away from them.  Adults need time to be adults. That may mean going to work every day. That may mean finding time for a massage.  That may mean making time for a mom-and-dad date night. Whether parents need a daily childcare provider, someone to fill in when daycare is closed, or a sitter for the occasional night out, finding a trusted babysitter is critical.  For parents without family nearby, finding that trusted sitter can be a challenge. Thankfully, there are several online services to help parents find a sitter who meets their needs. dates back to 2001, making it a pioneer in the world of online babysitting services. helps parents to locate babysitters in their area who best match their family’s needs.  Whether parents need full-time, part-time, or occasional use sitters, has a match. Parents can see a wealth of information about each sitter.  Sitter profiles include basic information such as qualifications, work history, background check status, references, and rates. Additional information includes ratings and reviews from other parents.  Parents can choose to interview potential sitters in person or over the phone. offers additional security measures as well. Parents can request a background check or motor vehicle records check on any sitter. also utilizes Experian to authenticate sitter registration. This authentication means that parents can be sure that the sitter is who he or she says she is. One of the best features of the is that its service is one of the most widely available services nationwide.

Think of as the Facebook of childcare providers.  This website combines modern technology with the old school method of finding a sitter by asking around.  After all, most people feel more comfortable using a sitter who is known and trusted by someone they already know. allows parents to plug in their social networks, whether that be Facebook friends, daycare providers or preschools, elementary schools, sports teams, churches, or temples.  When parents search for a sitter, they will be connected to sitters used by members of their social networks. These connections add a layer of comfort and familiarity. Sitter profiles include ratings and reviews from parents as well as information such as background check status and CPR certification.  Sitters set their own rates, which are shown in the profile. Parents pay the sitter directly through Sitters keep all of the sitting fees. In addition to paying the sitter, parents pay a membership fee. There are three levels of pricing available: a one-month pass for $34.95, a monthly subscription for $19.95 per month, or a yearly fee of $124.95 per year. is currently available in 60 cities nationwide. is one of the largest care providers nationwide.  They match families not just with babysitters but also with senior care, pet care, and tutoring.  In terms of babysitting, allows families to search for local childcare providers by factors such as distance, hourly rate, non-smoker, languages spoken, comfort with pets, and a variety of other specifications.  Parents can search for full-time, part-time, or occasional use sitters. A basic membership is free and allows new members to try the services at no cost. With the basic membership, parents can search for sitters and see ratings and reviews from other parents.  Premium memberships allow parents to set up interviews with potential sitters, request background checks, and reply to applications and other communications from sitters. Because is such a large service provider, its sitters are available in most locations nationwide. is basically a search engine for parents to find local sitters.  Babysitters create their own profiles. Parents can search these profiles based on the needs of their own families.  Parents can then contact and schedule appointments through is a more bare-bones service than some of the other available babysitting websites.  There are no background checks or certifications available through the website. encourages parents to conduct their own screenings and reference checks. Because provides fewer services, it is cheaper than other websites. charges a monthly fee of $14.95 for parents to use the service. Once parents have found a sitter they are comfortable with, they can cancel their membership until they need to find a new sitter. has sitters in many cities across the country and is adding new sitters every day.

A private investigator/mom and her husband started in 2004 in response to their own childcare needs.  Their search for reliable babysitters who could pass a stringent background check opened their eyes to just how challenging that search can be.  So many parents rely on word of mouth, but how much information does that really provide? Their own predicament brought the realization that many other parents must be in the same position.  Their response was to found Their business model assigns a personal SeekingSItters assistant to each family. This assistant will work with you to find the right sitter for your needs.  SeekingSitters can match you with a one-time sitter or a standing arrangement on either a full-time or part-time basis. The pricing arrangement includes an activation fee, a booking rate, and a subscription plan.  There are three service levels available for the subscription plan. choose between a pay-per-request option, a monthly unlimited plan, or an annual unlimited plan. is not yet available in all fifty states, but new locations are being added as the business grows. With these great tools, any parent should be able to find a reliable sitter online quickly.